Freelance Musician & Instumental Part Arranging

Freelance Musician & Instumental Part Arranging

Band Musician:

  • I am available for function bands as a stand in pianist, or keys player. I have a vast experience of all different styles of music which include Jazz, Rock & Roll, Country, Blues, Pop, RnB, MoTown, Disco etc. all the way through to modern day chart songs. in the case that i may not know some items from a set list, it doesn't take me long to work them out etc. I am very use to 35-40 song set lists, so the quanity doesn't really phase me anymore. I'm quite happy to solo when required, for as long as you require.

Music Arrangements:

  • In addition to freelance band work, I am able to arrange leadsheets, chord tabs, scored part arrangements (transposed if required), or even full scores if needs be. This can be for 5 piece band, small orchestral arrangements, piano transcriptions, or full choral scores.

Session Recording

  • I've had the pleasure of helping various songwriters and composers record their compositions in 'the studio'. I can therefore offer a service whereby if you require a piano or synthesiser track either MIDI or Audio, please do contact me and we can get together and talk through exactly what you want. I take great care in my work, and I can even do the work remotely so that special hiring a studio deosn't always need to happen.

Please send me a message at the bottom of this page, and we can chat through exactly what you're after. I look forward to hearing from you.

Per 2hr Session

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