Backing Tracks for Churches

Backing Tracks for Churches

I have been providing backing tracks for churches for quite some time now which includes the Royal School of Church Music. Whilst I personally feel that backing tracks will never be the same as the real thing, they are still an important resource for churches that have little or no musical input to their acts of worship etc. 

Where there are currently many tracks/stems already available to churches, the difference with mine is that I will provide a track(s) that are tailored to the church/organisation so that they only have what they need/want. For example, some more modern hymns or worship songs will have large instrumental sections which not all congregations or fellowships require, so, I will omit this. In addition, on majority, they are frequently written in keys/pitches that are not acheivable for a lot of congregational members.

The custom track is yours to use in live performance and recordings. ABM does not retain any mechanical rights in the track, and no additional fees or royalties are payable if my tracks are used for recordings that are to be commercially released. However, I do retain all rights over the resale of my tracks as backing tracks. In other words, you may not sell the tracks on to a third party for use as a backing track.

I can include a vocal lead if required. I tend to lead the tune with a prominent instrument (e.g. a piano etc), but including a vocal lead is very easy to do.

A typical backing track would last approx 3-4 minutes and may include the following:

  • Piano - Prominent Lead Melody line
  • Piano - Accompanying chordal/atmospheric addition


  • Guitar - Accompanying strummed chordal/plucked 
  • Synth/Pads - For atmospheric addition
  • Bass - (Usually guitar or sometimes upright dependant on song/requirement)
  • Rhythm (Usually a Drum Kit, but Orchestral instrumentation is easy to do!)

Other additions are available (Organ / Flutes / Strings etc)

The charge of each track will be dependant on the work required. Multiple backing tracks ordered together will carry a substantially reduced fee, and if required, I can also include the backing track with the lyrics in mp4 format, rather than just an mp3. 

Please do contact me to have an informal chat about your requirements and I'd be all too happy to guide the converstation so that you get exactly what you're after.

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to hear some demo tracks here:

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